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Staying in Tunisia

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Practical Info

Capital: Tunis

Airport: Tunis-Carthage

Visa: Europeans and Americans are not subject to the visa requirement to enter Tunisia.

Passport: compulsory.

Currency: The currency is the Tunisian dinar.


Arrival at Tunis Carthage airport

Your assistant will welcome you and drive you to your hotel, or directly to the clinic, if your intervention is scheduled the day after your arrival.

The Stay at the hotel (before and or after the operation) as well as the reception service at the airport and the transfer to the hotel are invoiced in addition.

Admission to the clinic

You will have your preoperative consultation with the obesity surgeon the anesthetist.

Remember to bring your passport and the originals of your medical exams with you.

Your intervention will take place the same day or the next day, make sure you have an empty stomach 8 hours before your intervention.

About the Clinic
Clinique Taoufik
The rule

It is done at the time of admission to the clinic in its entirety, the amount corresponds to your estimate that you will have accepted beforehand. Bank checks are not accepted, payment will be made in cash or by bank transfer and in Euros or in Tunisian Dinars.

Care after your operation

Care will be provided at the clinic by the medical team.

The stay in the clinic is on average two to three days.


On arrival at the clinic for:

- Visit with the Dr foreign patients have priority.

- Pre-anesthetic visit and pre-operative assessment.

- Set the day and time for the intervention.

Stay at the clinic: 2-5 days:

- Click here "Staying in Tunisia" for more info.

When you leave:

- Diet sheet.

- Prescription.

- Medical report.

- Control appointment.

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