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Dr. Mounir Ben Chatouh

About Dr. Mounir Ben Chatouh:

Dr. Mounir Ben Chatouh is a bariatric and metabolic surgeon in tunisia and north africa for over 15 years.

Since 2016 he has been working at the prestigious taoufik polyclinic in tunis, where he has set up a renowned service.

Dr. Mounir Ben Chatouh and his team perform more than 900 bariatric surgery procedures per year.

In addition to native patients, more and more foreign patients are being operated in Dr. Mounir Ben Chatouh's department.

I. Personal data:

Name: Mounir Ben Chattouh
Date of birth: 18/02/1962
Marital status: Married with 3 children

Phone number: 0021698423050
Adresse : Taoufik Clinic , Tunis , Tunisia

II. Training:

1. 1980-1986. Medical training. University school of Tunis, Tunisia
2. 1986-1988. Internship
3. 1988-1992. Residency program. Global Surgery. University hospitals in Tunisia

III. Post doctoral fellow in Global surgery:

1992-1993. Tunis

IV . Qualifications:

Laparoscopic surgery course on animals at the veterinary school of Tunis. 1994

V. Academic qualifications

Laparoscopic Global Surgery in a Central Hospital of New Delhi. All the year of 1995


VI. Professional Career:

-Since 1996. Private sector pathway especially in laparoscopic surgery in different private clinics in Tunisia.

VII. Professional Career in Bariatric surgery:

  • First Sleeve Gastrectomy in Junuary 2013.

  • Growth of the practice curve since 2016 with 600 to 650 cases per year.

  • 30% of the cases are Sleeve Gastrectomy , 70% are Gastric Bypass

  • More than 2300 cases of Bariatric Surgery performed at this day.


VIII. Participation in workshops on Bariatric Surgery:

  1. Clinical Immersion on SILS , Bariatric Surgery in CHU Tivoli, La Louviere Brussel. With MEDTRONIC in 2015

  2. Bariatric Surgery Master Class in Medtronic Center Of Innovation , Istanboul in 2017

  3. EMEA Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Symposium Consensus & Controversies ,

    Hambourg in 2018

  4. Clinical Immersion : Fast Track Bariatric, Oslo , Norway in 2018 with Medtronic

  5. Best Practices in the OR-optimizing outcomes through specialty synergy ; Bruges in


Patient experience: an asset in the fight against obesity

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The site also offers practical and useful information to combat this scourge. It also offers exclusive and relevant content, in particular through images and videos ...

Expert patients also do not hesitate to inform patients of the different treatments performed, and the different obesity surgeries performed, such as the gastric sleeve, the bypass, the gastric balloon and the mini bypass to help patients. to return to a normal life.

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